Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where I am today...I made a play on words to Gwen Stefani's ain't no hollaback girl..I am a*folla back* girl!

unfortunately when I linked up I used quotation marks and linkys no likey them!!! But oh well ..have a great day I have things to do to get ready for my 40th scrapbook birthday party this Saturday (how great is that??)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Art journal Monday!!!

Kinda luv the way this is coming out, but I am not done yet have some more to fill in me thinks! Had no clue coming into today what I would do but this is what unfolded..
The enjoy the journey was done with beeswax. The create letters were dipped into beeswax to give them texture. They were just on paper printed out from a digi download.

this is on the other side of the inserted tag in the middle, luv the reveal!
I still have to figure out what goes here suggestions??
Love the mess I am surrounded by!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Feeling happy :)

Did you ever just have one of those days that you just feel happy and fortunate for the things that are happening in your life and realize that you really do have great friends and family in your life. I am happy to be taking in that moment to just really appreciate them. Planning my 40th party and having things go so smoothly and getting excited about a surprise cake that has me grinning ear to ear today is just making feel fortunate today. Seeing good friends last night and just laughing with them is really priceless. I hope some of my friends read this and know that they are one of the special people I am talking about. So looking forward to next Sat and looking forward to my forties!! (not till Nov.) but the early party is getting the festivities started!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glass etching luv!!!

Who knew that this would be so much fun! And easy! My 40th birthday is approaching and i am having an all day scrapbooking party with some of my besties :) I wanted to give them a great favor that had to do with creating so me & my Jenny got together for the day and did these.

The smaller words were harder to do so we mostly stuck with the bigger letters but thanks to jenn's patience we have 3 of these! I need to find some more letters pronto!
I can't wait to make these for all my sons teachers, aides etc. Just think plates, dishes, mugs woo hoo!!!!
Got Scrap????
I just loves the designs they came out great i need to get a photo of a butterfly they were just delicious. Walk, RUN,
DRIVE to your craft store and get some glass etching cream it takes literally 30 seconds to work!!!
I am thinking this could make a great 1st giveaway! Now i just have to go ask my expert blogger friend Christine how to do can find her at..
she helped through my startup and is really a crafty person!! We are HS friends who found each other on FB :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Art journal Monday!!!

This really came out better than i expected! (Don't u just love when that happens??) I just loved this quote that one of my friends had posted on facebook and i knew i would use so i saved it in my idea book. I used my watercolor crayons since duh the quote is about crayons and i wanted to use them since DD used her new ones i wanted to make sure i didn't need to purchase those! LOL
They did the job just fine they are from stampin up!

These two sets I knew I would love and they so came in handy when the fountain
pen didn't give me the effect I wanted. I like my journaling handwriting but this is different I usually don't use my writing when doing a whole quote but I am stepping out of my "crayon box"!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Personalized Thank you notes

I just love this's not reinventing the wheel or anything but its just a way to really appreciate the people who come to my kids party and give such great gifts. 2 people already thanked me personally for their picture so that made it all worthwhile :). I try to remember to get  pic of every kid but if not i get a group shot and send that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thanks new followers!!!!

I have been away from any internet for 8 days...and survived LOL! I am waiting for our new flight right now..we let ourselves get bumped and got a first class flight home from Orlando and $400 per person airline voucher!! woo hoo I will be back in action and following back and creating in no time !!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Denim Flower...Learn from practice.

So a few things went wrong with my first attempt at a fabric flower. First was, I thought I cut a 2" circle ( I know 4" looks nothing like 2 but..) so it was a bit big but thats okay. I also did not use quick dry glue as Donna Downey uses in her tutorial so it wanted to unspun (new word) itself. Hot glue did the trick.
I do like the seed bead center (I have a lot of these!)
Helmar glue has already been shipped to my house
thank god so when i return from vaca I can make more.  I also realized its twisted to much not a nice overlay as the Donna Downey shows, but with practice i will get there! I will do a muslin one next.  I'm learning...   (the tutorial link)