Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A revisit back in time...

My Circle Journal ~2005
As I look back this doesn't look so bad for 2005! I was only 34 imagine that i will 40 in November. I don't look at this enough, we moved some furniture around and emptied out tv cabinet it was in. This is when circle journals were all the rage!
This was probably my favorite thing I did I thought I was so cool LOL
I so would have done a better profile shot...the best i had was in my P.J's really?? LOL

Just realized the D was missing, probably around its travels of the U.S.
It could be fun to do another one...someday maybe I will just pick up a swap first!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy birthday to my Tyler!!!

I love you buddy what a great day we all had! We are so fortunate for the friends and family that we have...never take it for granted it is the best of all presents you will receive.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tyler's Bday tomorrow

My middle guy turns 9 this week! So fun party tomorrow..no time to create but fun day anyway. As soon as they go back to school i will be in true full effect! Thanks to all my new followers i promise to not disappoint!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I leave you with a recyclable tip for the day...

To the average eye mom's eye and my kids who love them eye these look like empty lunchable trays...
but it an effort to get greener (I admit to barely being a light shade of green) you can reuse them ..
as paint trays!!! Paint trays tend to get messy if you don't clean them quick enough so what a great idea right?? My kids have been definitely donating to the paint tray collection lately.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Enjoy my playlist!

Turn up your volume I started a playlist that will start when you open the page..you can change the song at the bottom of my page.

Scrap layouts ~ seeing changes...

I find myself enjoying doing the single picture layouts that i never thought i would do since i have 3 boys (2 featured here). I enjoy not having to do a "theme" i like using just stuff from wherever. I love bringing in any light colors something again i would have never done last year but i am noticing i do alot lately. I was even told at a crop i inspired someone not to be afraid of the "girl color palette" with boys. i just know what i like and other than me i don't scrap girls so sorry boys get in touch with your feminine side!! LOL

Friday, August 20, 2010

Recent stuff

With all the craziness the weeks before summer ends I don't have the time I need (want) to create so this was something I made as school was ending that i really liked. Love playing with that rustic wire it's actually pretty easy with pliers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love the stillness of just watching a child fish with nothing else around and no internet or t.v. to disturb it all :)

Almost home :)

Have a had a great long weekend still enjoying some last minute fun. Massachusetts on the lake was such a great experience! Watching my kids just enjoy nature was priceless! I even managed to get done some digi layouts for my family album I am making so that was great!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bye bye blog...

but no fear just for a couple days :) We will be away and probably not even have access for a few days to a computer (imagine that!) My 8 followers will be so sad w/o me. Create something while I am gone . xoxo Heather

My first Art journal entry!

Very happy with the final results of my first entry into my art journal. So happy i finally got it started! I have owned it for a few months now but was intimidated by it for some reason because i wanted it "just right". I finally realized there is never going to be a perfect time i am the person i am right now and that needs to be embraced/
The "artist" letters are none other than my guy Tim Holtz grunge board letters painted scruffed up and then a little pink copic marker to give them more texture and color.
The "within" was done with polymer clay and embossing letters and then i baked it for about 20 minutes and glazed it. Fun to finally use that had it forever!!
Must i really make this much mess when i work..no wonder my space never stays clean! When i finish at 12:30 am i am too tired to clean.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dick Blick...that name makes me chuckle

Okay great experience today at DB!! I even got 20 min before they opened, they told me 9am on the phone, so they let me shop anyway and i had like 8 associates helping me! Great staff there. I wandered the aisles as i helped my friend Sue in Fla. no less, in a diff store (Hobby lobby) with her almost exact same list crazy stuff we were on the DD (Donna Downey) hunt. LOVE my paints so want to play :( but the bane of my existence lies in those nib pens. DD does it with ease as she journals I guess i have alot of practicing to do and some you tubing instructions. Nonetheless it was a great day there can't wait to go back!!! Mind you they have kind of unofficially changed their name to Blick Arts..because you know why!! But its still Dick Blick to me!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This such a Happy moment :)

I have considered for some time downloading Sure cuts alot (SCAL) and it took a Donna Downey stamp saved as an SVG file to motivate me! Boy am i glad i did...$$ well spent already. And to think i can use all my some odd 400 fonts to cut with now!! To quote Usher oh oh oh OMG!!!!

As I hoped (but did not assume)

The phone and puter are back on lord knows what would do w/o them!

Cable down

How convient (enter sarcasm here) that I just start a blog to have my cable go down! Laptop worked at work so just checked in hope all will be fixed when I get home :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuff i created on my scrap weekend

These tags made me very happy :) First is a photo transfer from ink jet transparency onto #8 tag. I applied Golden matte medium gel to the tag. I then printed a photo i took and reversed it in PSE 6.0. I then rubbed it onto the tag gently with a flat edge.

This tag i just lightened in PSE and printed it directly onto the tag through my printer(the secret there is print on paper first then use temporary stick tape on the tag over the printed paper and run through printer again) I use a "mistake" one for a bookmark ..think gift!

Trying to step outside that box... Loved painting these fabric layouts~felt like the artist was getting out!


So here I go into the blogmoshpere...(is that sorta a word??) I am doing this in part because I like to talk , no comment please! But truly the main reason is to hold myself accountable to create. Don't get me wrong, this is something I love to do but i don't do it nearly enough! Our lives get so busy that everything else comes first and I want to make a change this year...hopefully my followers (when i have them LOL) will be wanting more and hold me accountable to keep creating my true passion. I want to step outside that box. I have been a scrapbooker for 10 years but I really want to start thinking of myself as an artist, this is my passion. I messy scrap, digi scrap, try to paint things, love photography and want to delve into so much more! So here i go...