Friday, May 18, 2012

My new (boyfriend) Mark...III 5D

I am so in love with this camera already and with the 85mm 1.2 lens  its heaven!!!! Wanted to post at photo blog but server was busy but this quality is superior to FB...(if you cared to see)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 2~5

Week 2 Page 15x7 insert for cardWeek 2 page 2 hidden journal behind music paperWeek 3 page 1IMG_2321Interview pages
Week 3 Page 2Drawing from TylerWeek 3 Page 3Week 4 only one pageWeek 5 Page 13 diff size inserts LOVE
IMG_2342IMG_2341Love our heart shadow!Week 5 insertIMG_2347

Week 2~5, a set on Flickr.

Sorry to post these all together but want to catch up without going crazy LOL! Thanks for stopping by. So proud of myself for keeping up and enjoying the process completely!

Project Life Week One

Cover pagePL statement_edited-2Cover page 2Week 1Week 1 page 2Week 1 page 3 resolutions
Love little picturesWeek 1 Page 4Kitchen cabinet insert pageWeek 1 Page 5

PLife week 1 so loving this process this year! I feel so ready with journaling cards either bought or downloaded and printed even ones I made myself! No pressure on how many pictures I take in a week and love to save any goodies from the week. I tried 2 t=years back with project 365 but it was too overwhelming of an idea. Finally decided to blog it so going through Flickr to do it quicker but may now do week by week on my blog after this.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Daily ~ Day 14

The journaling states how we watched our Santa videos today and i got to capture the true unstaged emotion here..but very soon after things were not pretty.Santa didn't get thing just right and some brothers were saying others should have been on the naughty know how it goes, life just doesn't go as planned but for that fleeting moment all is wonderful in the world and it was captured so i will choose to remember it that way!

This guy was from a card and I knew i loved him and would find a place for him! stuck him on a tag I ran thru an embossing folder and distressed up with who other than Tim!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December daily ~ Day 13

12 Days of Books...They have 12 Christmas books, someday i hope to make it 25 but i am okay with just 12 that works for us right now. I plan to scan the cover of the Littlest Christmas tree and a page from it ( don't think I didn't think to just rip it right out and go buy a new one!!) I really loved it!

December Daily Day 12

Nothing spectacular today as Mommy was not feeling well (that can't happen in December!!) but just love that Tyler has to fix everything around the house. He is so his smarts not his thing but give that kid a screwdriver and something to fix and he is good to go!! I need him around to figure out how to turn things on around the house since hubby has everything hooked to some remote LOL even our tree has a dimmer on it!! Have a great Day 13 we start our 12 days of books!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December daily Day 10 &11

Day 10 Justin's sleepover
Busy fun weekend was had! Justin had his bday sleepover and had a great quiet time (without his 2 brothers to bother him) Then on Sunday we took them to Westbury
Gardens for a members
party which was really nice. Food and drink..Santa..arts and crafts, music, and pretty decorated rooms all over the house and the best part was it was free (albeit yes I paid for a membership LOL). Hope you are all having a wonderful December!

Day 11 ~ Westbury gardens

how great was this invite and sized to perfection!! LOL

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree....

Had some fun today playing with cam and tripod..Will use these pics for Dec daily filler when nothing was going on. Always need one or two of those! Love the first pic!!and this last one was when I hit the tripod and i love it but could not get it again!! Settings were ISO 200, F16, Shutter speed 15 sec, room almost pitch black.