Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dick Blick...that name makes me chuckle

Okay great experience today at DB!! I even got 20 min before they opened, they told me 9am on the phone, so they let me shop anyway and i had like 8 associates helping me! Great staff there. I wandered the aisles as i helped my friend Sue in Fla. no less, in a diff store (Hobby lobby) with her almost exact same list crazy stuff we were on the DD (Donna Downey) hunt. LOVE my paints so want to play :( but the bane of my existence lies in those nib pens. DD does it with ease as she journals I guess i have alot of practicing to do and some you tubing instructions. Nonetheless it was a great day there can't wait to go back!!! Mind you they have kind of unofficially changed their name to Blick Arts..because you know why!! But its still Dick Blick to me!


  1. I love how I can call you from Fl and we will be going out for the same stuff!! Thanks for telling me my list of paints I needed!!!

  2. I saw that on their website, that the name was different! Looks like some very fun artsy stuff...


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